Kami bangga menjadi fintech Malaysia! Kami akan menguasai dunia!

Sertai Kami!

Kami ingin mencipta dunia yang lebih bebas dari segi kewangan.

Menangani masalah rangkuman, celik kewangan dan menggerakkan manusia ke dalam dunia perbankan digital.

Kami tidak akan berhenti sehingga wujud kebebasan kewangan untuk setiap orang.

Yang bermakna kami tidak akan berhenti melakukan inovasi atau evolusi kepada teknologi kami.

Buka akaun dalam masa beberapa minit sahaja!

Bayar dalam mata wang tempatan, walau di mana anda berada. Jimat masa, jimat wang.

Lihat semua baki simpanan dan perbelanjaan anda pada masa sebenar

“Sebuah syarikat baharu dalam dunia fintech Malaysia yang berhak mendapat perhatian anda”

Pasukan kepimpinan kami mempunyai pengalaman selama sedekad dalam teknologi kewangan.
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Joe McGuire

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Joseph McGuire has over ten years experience in financial services across Australia and London. Joseph started his career in FX sales before moving into trading and consulting. His last role in banking was working as the youngest state manager for Australia’s largest bank: The Commonwealth Bank (CBA).

Kishore Samuel

Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder

Kishore Samuel is an INSEAD Senior Leadership Program graduate with 24 years experience in marketing, communications and investment. His past working experience spans advertising agencies, Maybank, Themed Attractions - a subsidiary of Khazanah, RHB, Sapura Group and Tradewinds Group.

Allen Goodwin

Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder

Allen completed his MBA in Business Studies and Finance from Aston Business school spending 2.5 years at Tullet Prebon (Structured Finance) and Gartmore (Fixed Income) before getting into the payments space in 1997/8. He first worked at EarthPort, and was one of the first few to be part of the world’s first non-card based online payment companies. Allen assisted in raising £32m for Nomura Bank, heading-up the mobile payments division at Earthport PLC where his successes included signing both BT Ignite / Genie and Nokia (the latter of which provided the first ever payment via SMS to Hartwall’s Finnish vending machines).

Tunku Dato’ Ahmad Burhanuddin


Tunku Dato’ Ahmad Burhanuddin has held senior leadership and managerial positions over his career in which the initial 25 years were in the financial sector and the previous 7 years were in leisure and tourism industry. He has extensive working experience over various organisational disciplines.

Ivan Radovanovic

Chief Technology Officer

Ivan has over 20 years experience as a programmer, team leader and CTO. After graduating from the Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade and specialising in computer science, Ivan has and has held the title of CTO for three companies in the financial technology space over the last 13 years.

Jenna Beh

Legal and Operations

Jenna specialises in regulated tech. Jenna was from the Fintech team in MDEC (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation), building the fintech ecosystem in Malaysia working with local and international stakeholders such as regulators (Bank Negara Malaysia and Securities Commission), financial institutions, accelerator, investors, startups/scaleups and academic institutions. She has experience in cross-border regulations in the finance, fintech and tech worlds in order to facilitate and promote companies, investors and startups to launch and operate in Malaysia.

Mahsa Jazayeri


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Basil Paul

Chief Risk Officer

Basil is a seasoned risk professional and has extensive experience in risk management, fraud control, compliance, process control and internal auditing. He has worked in start-ups such as GT Payment and Silverlake Global Payments and conglomerates Tune Money and YTL Communications. Prior to this, he was the Country Risk Manager at Visa. He oversaw operations in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Indo-China.

Christopher Lee

Operations Manager

Chris has a strong fundamental understanding of various payment products and their implementation. His passion for payments started in Sales and he quickly progressed to Key Account Manager, Business Development and finally the Risk Underwriting department. Throughout his studies and career in Austria and Malaysia, he has had the opportunity to build relationships with people from different cultures, perfecting his interpersonal skills and learning from their work ethics.